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Catholic Education in Saskatchewan Today

Choosing Catholic Education in Saskatchewan Today:

Saskatchewan Catholic Schools have always been places where our Catholic faith plays a vital role in the learning development of our students. The Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association (SCSBA) would like to clarify that Catholic schools in Saskatchewan are not just another school system, or substitute offering, but rather are schools with a Catholic centered view which permeates the whole learning experience.

Catholicism and Catholic education is not an alternative program offered in a secular school but a worldview, encompassing a Christian perspective, imbued with the Spirit, taught by teachers who strive to be faithful witnesses.

Catholic teachings and gospel values are permeated throughout the curriculum, as well as school life in general, be it through academics, sports or extracurricular activities.

Did you know?

In the province of Saskatchewan there are 8 Catholic School Divisions which serve more than 40,000 students in 118 schools located in 18 communities across the province.

Approximately one third of the population of Saskatchewan is comprised of people of the Catholic faith.

We celebrate all that we do:


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